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What is Sugaring? 

Sugaring was originally an Ancient Egyptian form of hair removal. The paste is made from all natural ingredients. It is applied warm to the skin against the direction of the hair growth and is removed in the direction of the hair growth. Body Sugaring is a 100% natural & extremely effective way to remove unwanted hair from the body. 

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                            Sugar vs Wax 


- Sugar Paste is made with natural ingredients

- Sugar does not adhere to live skin cells

- Sugar removes hair with the direction of growth easing the hair out resulting in the whole hair being removed intact

- Sugaring exfoliates the skin leaving you feeling smooth and glowing after your treatment

- The high concentration of sugar eliminates bacteria. The sugar is never put back into the jar. Once it has been used, the glove and the sugar are disposed


- Wax contains chemicals and resins that are harsh on the skin

- Wax can attach to and remove live skin cells. It cannot be applied more than twice to an area

- When you wax or shave you remove the hair opposite the direction of growth. This often causes breakage leading to ingrown hairs, irritation and discomfort

- Wax is heated to a high temperature and can burn the skin leaving you itchy, red, and uncomfortable

- Bacteria can breed inside a waxing jar. The same wax jar is used and dipped over and over again for each strip

About Me 

My name is Alisha Hyman - I am born and raised Calgarian. I am an experienced body sugaring technician who is passionate about growing my business and educating the world about the awesome benefits of body sugar. I started my own sugaring home based business in 2017 formally known as Sugar Queen and then went on to work at one of the busiest sugaring boutiques in the Calgary area. This year I have decided to combine the best aspects of home based and salon sugaring and bring you SUGAR YYC.