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Yes ladies... like a facial, but for your lady parts. The Vajacial is a 45 minute treatment that starts with a cleanse/exfoliation of the bikini area. Steam is then applied to the area to open up the pores and ready them for ingrown extractions. The ingrown extraction process is practically painless as we use a small one time use tool to remove any ingrown hairs sitting right below the surface of the skin. What about those deep rooted ingrowns? don't worry, we treat those too with our High Frequency Treatment Wand. After the magic wand has done its work to eliminate bacteria and impurities we will apply a detoxifying clay mask. To finish off the treatment a hot towel will remove the mask and our in house gel made from all natural ingredients (witch hazel, aloe and tea tree) will be applied. Book this luxury treatment today and give your V the treatment she deserves!

Facial Sugaring 

Eyebrow                            20

Upper Lip                         15

Chin                                    15

Full Face                           35

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Upper Body Sugaring 

Underarms                             20

Half Arms                                30

Full Arms                                 45

Tummy                                     25

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Lower Body Sugaring 

Bikini                                                  30
(Any hair that outlines your underwear or swimsuit bottoms at the top of your thigh and lower tummy will be removed) 

Bikini +                                              40
(Any hair included in bikini and inwards a little further. Does not include hair on the labia or backside) 

Brazilian                                             50 
(All hair is removed. Clients can choose to leave a triangle or landing strip. Includes backside) 

Brazilian +                                         60
This is a Brazilian for first time clients OR if  more than 6 weeks has past since your last Brazilian

Half Legs                                             45

Full Legs                                              90

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Combo's (includes 10% discount) 

Full Body                                                             207
Brazilian + Full Legs + Underarms          145
Brazilian + Full Legs                                      126                 

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Men's Sugaring - 

Back Neck and Shoulders                          70

Chest and Tummy                                        70

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Vajacial                                                              55
Service includes: Cleanse, Exfoliation, Steam, Ingrown Extractions, High Frequency Wand Treatment,  Clay Mask,  Hot Towel, Soothing Ointment. 
*Recommended booking 5-14 days after Brazilian treatment.*

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